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Jun 26, 2022 at 10:45 AM


Current Sermon Series


One of my favorite toys to play with as a kid was a hand-sized green character that was the center of a stop-motion clay animation, named Gumby. I loved Gumby because no matter how you bent, contorted, smashed him, or whatever abuse you put him through, he was resilient, he always sprung right back to his original shape. The image of Gumby also causes me to think about the type of faith that we want to develop within the varying generations of believers in our church, from youngest to oldest. We want to have a resilient faith that can stand the test of time and trial, a faith that is able to spring back no matter what pressure it faces, and a faith that doesn’t get easily swept away by the ever-changing currents of our world and culture. How do we do that? How do we personally develop, and help other generations develop a resilient faith? Over 3 weeks in May, we will focus on how to develop and maintain a Resilient Faith, by having a Resilient Memory, Resilient Relationships, and through Resilient Prayer.

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